6 Crucial Semalt SEO Tips Every Smart Entrepreneur Should Embrace

Ivan Konovalov, Customer Success Manager of Semalt Digital Agency shares the experience on how to establish an effective SEO practice in your company.

Some of the best and most successful Fortune 500 Companies in the world of today have one major thing in common: most of them have a high ranking website, which means that the official website appears in the first few results generated by search engines from a web search, especially when a location is included in the search phrases. However, these websites did not just get there magically. Some high-level expertise was used, procedures followed, and analyses were done. That is what the summarized description of what we are doing in Semalt is.

In its definition, search engine optimization, which is also referred to as search marketing or SEO, is the process of increasing or improving the visibility of a website online. It involves keyword research, optimizing content with relevant keywords, and its strategic use on a website so that it attracts more interaction, ROI, and loyalty from your target market or an intended audience. Social sites are also highly important when it comes to SEO. This being the case, below are a few important SEO tips recommended by Ivan Konovalov you should know of as a smart entrepreneur.

1. Choose Your Keywords Right

For anyone with at least a clue about what SEO is, in general, it is almost obvious that keywords are highly crucial. They are the shot callers in SEO campaigns, especially when properly included in the content. As a matter of fact, search engines generate search results based on the combination of words typed in by the internet user when looking up information over the web. Getting your keywords right involves including relative keywords or their synonyms, which your target market would type in when searching for a service or product offered by your business. Some creativity may be required here, even though a professional SEO agency can help formulate a keyword strategy that will outdo your competition in the market.

2. Use Enticing Images and Videos in SEO

Research suggests that videos and images are one of the best tools in marketing. This is because they are more interactive and attractive in comparison to plain text. When used in content, videos and images are effective attention catchers. They also leave a lasting memory in the minds of your target market. However, these babies should also be accompanied with search engine optimized and keyword rich textual content, say descriptions and information that relates to the main message being conveyed in the particular SEO campaign. A good number of online shoppers and internet users are influenced to take action by attractive and influential videos/images, so ensure you use the best you can get.

3. Optimize Your Website for Various Search Engines

As a smart entrepreneur, it wouldn't be wrong to assume you already know that it's a mobile world we live in. Most internet users of this day and age spend more time on their mobile devices, which includes smartphones and tablets, in comparison to desktop computers and laptop PCs. In order not to lose out on the larger portion of the cake to your competition, be sure to optimize your website for mobile adaptability.

In other words, your website should be accessible from a mobile device without complications or inconveniences. This way, your audience or target market is able to get critical information or purchase your products/services on the go. One doesn't have to wait until they're in the office so they can order some pizza, assuming that's your line of business. As much as this is more of a web design issue, having an SEO-friendly, mobile version of your website will reward you handsomely.

4. Go Mobile

As much as there's no doubt that Google is king of search engines, a good number of people also prefer other options like Bing and Yahoo, just to mention a few. You don't want to put all your eggs in one basket. To get better returns on your SEO investment, be sure to submit your site to the other players in the search engine industry as well, for both organic and paid ads. In this case, it would be wise to learn a thing or two about how the different search engines rank websites.

5. Keep Your Eye on Local SEO

As charity begins at home, a business will barely make it in the online market without a winning strategy for local SEO, especially if it's a startup. As a wise entrepreneur, it is important to note that your local market can determine whether your venture will or will not be successful online across the borders. It is mostly about generating as much organic traffic as possible to your website from local searches, which is highly critical when it comes to search engine ranking.

To get the most out of your search engine optimization efforts, it's high time you considered using local business directories. Authority directory sites such as yellow pages, Yelp, and other directory websites can also come in handy. It is important to always ensure that your business information on local listings remains consistent and accurate, especially keeping track of how your business' contacts and address details are listed across various local online platforms.

6. Don't Wait Till Your Site Content Is Obsolete

Yes, you may have uploaded some fancy articles and web page content on your site in the past; but that doesn't necessarily mean that updates will not be necessary until the end of time. Any person with some basic education will agree that some information does become irrelevant with time. Especially when it comes to online audience and web shoppers, you don't want to leave them unengaged. Uploading some fresh information, content, and important data every now and then will keep your business ahead in the game, especially when it comes to web traffic and search engine rankings. Just be sure to always provide meaningful and interesting content that your target market or the audience will find helpful and engaging. Trust me, content is king, and you won't regret your SEO efforts.

Even though not well understood by many, SEO is a key ingredient of success for any business with operations online. With a clear and organized Search engine optimization strategy, comes more traffic, higher Google rankings, more sales, and more growth for your business, especially from its online operations. SEO can get too technical and time-consuming at some point, so you might want to invest in a professional SEO agency to get the most out of your business online.